Our school supply lists are complete and we were very lucky to have Country Wide Printing and Stationary make the packages for your child.   This year will be a little different in that you will be required to pay the store directly for the supplies rather than in the school office.   We have done some comparison shopping for parents and have found that our local store’s prices are below others.   The items we have on the list are high quality supplies that classroom teachers with many years’ experience have recommended.  We have found that discount supplies don’t compare in durability for students. 

How do I purchase my child’s supplies for Back to School?

Packages available at sale pricing attached from

July 15-September 15, 2021.  

¨ When you are ready to pay for supplies, call Countrywide Stationery at        250-845-2944 and ask to have package(s) set aside for your child or children.   They will have a packaged bag ready for you to pick up when you pay.

¨ If you already have some of the supplies at home and wish to only purchase some of the package, you have to go into the store and sort out with store staff.

We look forward to next year and meeting all the new faces! 

Silverthorne Elementary School

 Kindergarten Supply List

Grade 1 Supply List

Grade 2 Supply LIst

Grade 3 Supply List